Azure Dreams: A Monster Taming Roguelike

A stripped-down version was later released on the Game Boy Color. Azure Dreams is set in the desert town of Monsbaiya. The town prospers because of a Monster Tower located over it. A skilled monster tamer named Guy disappears in the tower and is never seen again. His son, Koh, enters the tower when he turns 15 and meets a familiar named Kewne – a monster that can speak to humans. Kewne and Koh embark on a quest to reach the top of the Monster Tower and find the truth about Guy’s fate. The game offers a lot of choice in respect to how individual players wish to play.

Azure Dreams on the Horizon

The Monster Tower has stood at the edge of Monsbaya for generations. Hunters come from far and wide to find their fortunes in its shifting floors, but few climb higher than just a few floors, and none have ever seen the top. Koh’s father was the greatest hunter the land had seen, but he mysteriously disappeared in the tower when Koh was just a child.

Now Koh is 16, an adult and old enough to be admitted to the tower. He journeys into the tower to search for clues as to the fate of his father, the mystery of the tower, and for untold riches. Azure Dreams is first and foremost a roguelike Dungeon Explorer.

Trivia. Regional differences. This game combines the more traditional Japanese RPG elements with those of a dating sim. Further, a part of the game.

Suikoden beat the odds and was successful in while Vandal Hearts was a nice appetizer before Final Fantasy Tactics. In the summer of they followed that up with Azure Dreams, a dungeon crawler. This particular genre was niche and more at home on the PC than console. However Azure Dreams manages to be both accessible and challenging and is charming to boot. The town of Monsbaiya is a remote village, with the monster tower as its only other landmark. The monster tower attracts fortune hunters from all over the world seeking to get rich by capturing and selling its monsters.

One such hunter is Guy, who makes it to the top of the Tower and is never heard from again. Azure Dreams is one part dungeon crawler and the other half a town building simulator. Outside the tower you can spend your town building up the city and more importantly wooing the ladies. Azure Dreams follows all of the conventions of the rogue-like genre entering the tower. For every action you take the monsters do the same.

Azure Dreams Stars Tournament Schedule

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Azure Dreams kombiniert traditionelle Rollenspiel-Elemente mit Neuerungen wie Monsterzucht und Städtebau auf spielerisch hohem Niveau. Als Sohn des.

Platforms : Playstation 1, and Gameboy Color. I really recommend playing the original PS1 version. I wish Konami would release this game on the Playstation Store. In fact, I still find myself playing it, almost 20 years later. Within the tower, you can also find Monster Eggs which you can bring home to hatch into familiars which you can train and take with you the next time you enter the dungeon. But outside of the dungeon is where the game really shines. You can invest into rebuilding the town and as you do so, new characters, new shops, and new mini games will open up to you.

You can buy new buildings, or furniture, or decorations for the buildings as well. He has a little sister who helps take care of her sometimes irresponsible big brother.

Azure Dreams

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Azure Dreams no question. Kooky dungeon crawler/city builder/dating sim. Nothing else like it since. At one point you can use the wealth.

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Azure Dreams: The Game That Could Be

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For Azure Dreams on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 14 guides and walkthroughs.

Changer la langue. Voir version ordi. Installer Steam. Page du magasin. Vetto Afficher le profil Voir les messages. I have heard it compared to that myself but I have never played Azure Dreams so I couldn’t tell you for sure. Kog Afficher le profil Voir les messages. You are just running a store Buying merchandise, reorganizing the store, dealing with customers, ripping off adventures with overpriced equipment, and things like that There is a dungeon crawling aspect which which you control adventurers the same ones you sold overpriced equipment which you gather materials from monsters and fight bosses.

The game starts you off in debt and yoiu need to pay it off. There is a story which you need to go through dungeons to progress through out different playthoughs.


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Azure Dreams – Guides and FAQs

Click here to visit the Azure Dreams PS1 description page for reviews, saves, and more information. I set out to solve some of the mysteries surrounding Azure Dreams when working on this guide and playing the game. Detailed explanations of the dating SIM and the Monster Tower are also included, but this is not a full walkthrough, which is made impossible by the procedurally generated levels.

Look into the game dungeon dreams made by a redditor in this subreddit. Only the demo is available but it plays very similar to Azure Dreams in terms of.

Do you know of any games that are currently out that are inclusive of polyamory or at least let you date multiple people at once? An oldie but a goodie, Azure Dreams is a surprisingly fun game. Essentially, you play as a young boy in a desert town that has a mysterious tower in the middle of it. Along the way, you find eggs that hatch into new monsters, discover treasures that help develop your town, and work on dating the girls that live in town.

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Although you can only marry one of your love interests, you can absolutely romance multiple at once.

Azure Dreams OST

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